Voice-Activated Cuckoo Wall Clock – Traditional Chalet Forest House Clock

Voice-Activated Cuckoo Wall Clock – Traditional Chalet Forest House Clock

Voice-Activated Cuckoo Wall Clock

Product Description

The cuckoo time function has more than 200 years of history. The mechanism of the watches was made using suspended weights, and their accuracy was ensured using a pendulum. The body of the watches was made from imitation wood (made of plastic) and resembled a small rural house. The watches’ unusual design proved very popular, and the cuckoo clock has endured for over 200 years.

Modern cuckoo clocks improve on the traditional design by including a quartz mechanism, which is battery-operated. In modern cuckoo clocks, the sound can be regulated and even turned off completely, making the design more practical.

Product Details

  • Outer finish: Multi-layer matt lacquer
  • Requires 5 Type-5AA batteries (not included)
  • Hand carved decorations
  • Moving cuckoo bird and swinging pendulum
  • Automatic night sensor
  • Style: A quartz clock with cuckoo and characters, B quartz clock with cuckoo and leaves
  • Size:
    • A: 40cm high and 28cm wide
    • B: height 56cm, width 25cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg

About this Item

  • Voice control: After opening the switch, when there are sounds around, the 3 birds will shake their wings and open their mouths. Accompanied by the sound of the leaves of the forest and the sound of water twitter, the bird screams, giving people a wonderful feeling of being there.
  • Silent movement: precise walking time, good mute effect, the pointer is a non-jumping continuous running, can hang in the bedroom does not affect sleep, give you a comfortable sleep environment.
  • Every hour of tweet: Every hour, 3 birdies will shake their wings, open their mouths, and sing the sound of water flow along with the sound of the forest. Manual switch, if you don’t want the bird bell to whistle every hour, next to it there is a switch to turn off the hourly tweet function.
  • Pendulum swing: After inserting the battery, pull the pendulum to the side and then let go, it will swing around.
  • This cuckoo clock is powered by 5 Type-5AA batteries (not included). We recommend using carbon zinc batteries and changing the batteries twice a year for optimum performance and enjoyment. Batteries are not required to be taken out if you go out for a short vacation.


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