Victor Remote Control: The Perfect Companion for Comunello 433.92 MHz Receiver

Victor Remote Control: The Perfect Companion for Comunello 433.92 MHz Receiver


Are you tired of constantly getting up to operate your Comunello 433.92 MHz Receiver? Look no further! Introducing the Victor Remote Control, a 2-channel transmitter designed specifically for the Comunello receiver. With its sleek design and advanced features, this remote control is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their home automation experience.

Key Features

1. Wide Range of Colors

The Victor Remote Control is available in five vibrant colors: red, green, yellow, blue, and grey. Choose the color that best suits your style and seamlessly integrate it into your home decor.

2. Advanced Frequency and Coding Technology

Operating at a frequency of 433.92 MHz, the Victor Remote Control ensures a reliable and interference-free connection with your Comunello receiver. It utilizes rolling-code coding and fixed code with copy function, providing over 18 million combinations to guarantee the utmost safety and security.

3. User-Friendly Design

The Victor Remote Control features soft touch buttons that are not only responsive but also comfortable to use. Its elegant and ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for effortless operation.

4. Long Range and Battery Life

With a flow rate of over 100 meters in a free area, the Victor Remote Control offers an impressive range, ensuring that you can control your Comunello receiver from anywhere in your home. Powered by a 3 Vdc battery, it provides long-lasting performance, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the Victor Remote Control with other receivers?

A: The Victor Remote Control is specifically designed for use with the Comunello 433.92 MHz Receiver. While it may work with other receivers, we recommend using it with the intended receiver for optimal performance.

Q: How do I program the Victor Remote Control?

A: Programming the Victor Remote Control is a breeze. Simply follow the instructions provided in the user manual, and you’ll be able to pair it with your Comunello receiver in no time.

Q: Is the Victor Remote Control waterproof?

A: No, the Victor Remote Control is not waterproof. It is recommended to keep it away from water to prevent any damage.


The Victor Remote Control is the perfect companion for your Comunello 433.92 MHz Receiver. With its stylish design, advanced features, and user-friendly interface, it offers a seamless and convenient way to control your receiver. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual operation and embrace the future of home automation with the Victor Remote Control.

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