Suitable for Q60 American Model Modified Rear Wing Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Suitable for Q60 American Model Modified Rear Wing Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Suitable for Q60 American Model Modified Rear Wing Carbon Fiber Spoiler


Welcome to our product page for the Q60 American Model Modified Rear Wing Carbon Fiber Spoiler. If you’re looking to enhance the look and performance of your Q60, our carbon fiber spoiler is the perfect choice. Designed specifically for the 2018-present Q60 American model, this spoiler adds a touch of style and aerodynamic efficiency to your vehicle.

Main Features

  • High-quality carbon fiber construction
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your Q60
  • Improves aerodynamic performance
  • Designed for the 2018-present Q60 American model
  • Easy installation process

Installation Process

Step 1: Prepare the Spoiler

Start by carefully unpacking the carbon fiber spoiler and inspecting it for any damages. Ensure that all necessary installation hardware is included.

Step 2: Clean the Surface

Thoroughly clean the surface of your Q60’s trunk lid where the spoiler will be installed. Remove any dirt, wax, or residue that may affect the adhesion of the spoiler.

Step 3: Test Fitment

Before applying any adhesive, test fit the spoiler on your Q60 to ensure proper alignment and fitment. Make any necessary adjustments if required.

Step 4: Apply Adhesive

Apply a high-quality automotive adhesive to the underside of the spoiler. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific adhesive you are using.

Step 5: Install the Spoiler

Carefully position the spoiler on your Q60’s trunk lid, aligning it with the pre-existing holes or markings. Press firmly to ensure proper adhesion.

Step 6: Secure the Spoiler

Use the provided hardware to secure the spoiler in place. Tighten the screws or bolts according to the manufacturer’s recommended torque specifications.

Step 7: Final Touches

Inspect the installed spoiler for any imperfections or misalignments. Make any necessary adjustments and clean the surface to remove any fingerprints or smudges.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this spoiler compatible with the Q60 American model?

Yes, this spoiler is specifically designed for the 2018-present Q60 American model.

2. Does the spoiler come with installation hardware?

Yes, the spoiler includes all necessary installation hardware for a hassle-free installation process.

3. Can I install the spoiler myself?

While professional installation is recommended, the spoiler can be installed by individuals with basic automotive knowledge and tools.

4. Will the spoiler improve the aerodynamic performance of my Q60?

Yes, the carbon fiber construction and design of the spoiler help improve the aerodynamic efficiency of your Q60, resulting in better stability and reduced drag.

5. How long does the installation process take?

The installation process can vary depending on your experience and tools available. On average, it takes approximately 1-2 hours to install the spoiler.

Thank you for considering our Q60 American Model Modified Rear Wing Carbon Fiber Spoiler. With its high-quality construction and stylish design, it’s the perfect addition to your Q60. Enhance your vehicle’s appearance and performance today!

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