Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning with 3pcs Washable Pads – Wet Dry Microfiber Mop with 800 ml Refillable Bottle for Kitchen Wood Floor Hardwood Laminate Ceramic Tiles Floor Dust Cleaning

Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning with 3pcs Washable Pads – Wet Dry Microfiber Mop with 800 ml Refillable Bottle for Kitchen Wood Floor Hardwood Laminate Ceramic Tiles Floor Dust Cleaning

Are you still using a traditional mop?

Are you tired of using a bulky bucket to mop the floor and feeling exhausted afterward? Does it always take too much time to do house cleaning? Do you find yourself constantly refilling the small spray bottle to clean a larger area? Have you experienced leaking spray bottles after use? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to upgrade to CLDREAM’s New generation spray mop.

Why choose us?

  • 800ml large capacity bottle: Our spray mop has a bigger capacity than other products on the market, so you don’t need to refill it multiple times to clean a larger area.
  • Say goodbye to leaking: Our spray mop adopts the latest anti-leakage technology, so you don’t need to worry about any leaking problems.
  • 360° Rotated mop head: The 360-degree rotation allows you to clean any corner, making cleaning easier and more efficient.
  • Lightweight design: Our spray mop is designed to be lightweight, allowing you to mop the floor with one hand without bending over. Say goodbye to the bulky bucket.
  • Wet and Dry Use: Our spray mop can be used for both wet and dry cleaning, increasing work efficiency and achieving perfection.
  • High-quality stainless steel handle: We use high-purity, thicker aluminum material for the handle, making it stronger than ever before.


  • We do not recommend placing strong acid liquids in the bottle.
  • When the mop is not in use, it is not recommended to store liquid in the bottle.

800ml Large-capacity water tank

CLDREAM Microfiber spray mop has a larger water tank compared to other products on the market. With our spray mop, you no longer have to constantly refill the small bottle to clean a larger area. We are the only spray mop with an 800ml large capacity water tank currently available.

Premium quality

The connection of our dust spray mop adopts specific craftsmanship for anti-leakage, solving the problem of leakage that other floor mops often have after use. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to grip, and the new generation of liquid release device allows you to start your cleaning with just a gentle pull of the trigger. Our spray mop makes floor cleaning easier and simpler.

360° Rotation Wide Mop Head

Our spray mop features a large mop head that cleans faster than other mops. The flexible swivel angle allows the mop to reach any crevices and deep corners with ease, such as under the sofa or bed. You no longer need to bend over to clean those hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, you can also use our spray mop to clean walls and windows. Isn’t this what you’ve been looking for?

Wet & Dry Spray Mop

The mop comes with two different kinds of washable pads, allowing you to achieve both wet and dry cleaning with just one mop. The chenille pads are super absorbent, perfect for dry mopping, while the microfiber mop pads easily absorb the smallest dirt and dust, perfect for wet mopping. Buying our spray mop means you have a dry mop and a wet mop at the same time.

Zero risk purchase

Our floor mop comes with one scrubber that helps you remove hairs, sewage, and stubborn stains from the pads. It will be your good helper when you finish mopping. If you have any questions during the use of our spray mop for floor cleaning, just contact us, and you will receive 365 days of free warranty service.


Upgrade your cleaning routine with CLDREAM’s New generation spray mop. With its large capacity bottle, anti-leakage technology, 360° rotation, lightweight design, wet and dry use, and high-quality materials, our spray mop is the perfect solution for all your floor cleaning needs. Say goodbye to the traditional mop and experience the convenience and efficiency of our spray mop. Order yours today!


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