Seasonic Prime GX-850 Vollmodulares PC-Netzteil 80PLUS Gold 850 Watt

Seasonic Prime GX-850 Vollmodulares PC-Netzteil 80PLUS Gold 850 Watt

Seasonic Prime GX-850 Vollmodulares PC-Netzteil 80PLUS Gold 850 Watt


Welcome to our article on the Seasonic Prime GX-850 Vollmodulares PC-Netzteil 80PLUS Gold 850 Watt. This power supply unit is designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability for your PC. With its modular design and 80PLUS Gold certification, it offers efficient power delivery and reduced energy consumption. Let’s dive deeper into its features and benefits.

Main Features

Modular Design

The Seasonic Prime GX-850 features a fully modular design, allowing you to connect only the cables you need. This not only improves cable management but also enhances airflow within your PC case, resulting in better cooling and overall system performance.

Efficiency and Reliability

With its 80PLUS Gold certification, the Seasonic Prime GX-850 ensures high energy efficiency, reducing power wastage and lowering your electricity bills. It also boasts premium components and a robust build quality, guaranteeing long-lasting reliability and stable power delivery.

Quiet Operation

The power supply unit is equipped with a silent 135mm fan that operates quietly even under heavy loads. This ensures a peaceful computing experience without the distraction of excessive noise.


Optimized Performance

The Seasonic Prime GX-850 delivers stable and clean power to your PC components, ensuring optimal performance for demanding tasks such as gaming, video editing, and graphic design. Say goodbye to system crashes and instability caused by inadequate power supply.

Energy Efficiency

By meeting the 80PLUS Gold standard, this power supply unit maximizes energy efficiency, minimizing power wastage and reducing your carbon footprint. It not only benefits your wallet but also the environment.

Easy Installation

The modular design of the Seasonic Prime GX-850 simplifies the installation process. You can easily connect and disconnect cables as needed, making cable management a breeze. This saves you time and effort during PC assembly or upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Seasonic Prime GX-850 compatible with all PC configurations?

Yes, the Seasonic Prime GX-850 is compatible with a wide range of PC configurations. It supports the latest ATX12V and EPS12V standards, ensuring compatibility with most modern motherboards and components.

2. Does the power supply unit come with a warranty?

Yes, Seasonic offers a generous 10-year warranty for the Prime GX-850. This demonstrates their confidence in the product’s quality and reliability.

3. Can the Seasonic Prime GX-850 handle high-power graphics cards?

Absolutely! The Seasonic Prime GX-850 is designed to handle high-power graphics cards and other demanding components. With its 850-watt power output, it provides sufficient power for even the most power-hungry systems.

In conclusion, the Seasonic Prime GX-850 Vollmodulares PC-Netzteil 80PLUS Gold 850 Watt is a top-notch power supply unit that offers modular design, high efficiency, and reliable performance. Whether you are a gamer, content creator, or professional, this PSU will meet your power needs and provide a seamless computing experience. Upgrade your PC with the Seasonic Prime GX-850 today!

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