REXTiN Led Vanity Mirror Lights – Illuminate Your Beauty

REXTiN Led Vanity Mirror Lights – Illuminate Your Beauty

REXTiN Led Vanity Mirror Lights – Illuminate Your Beauty


Are you tired of struggling with poor lighting while doing your makeup? Look no further! REXTiN Led Vanity Mirror Lights are here to revolutionize your beauty routine. With their dimmable feature and easy installation, these lights will transform your vanity, bathroom wall mirror, or kitchen backlight into a well-lit space where you can perfect your makeup effortlessly.

Main Features

1. Perfect Lighting

REXTiN Led Vanity Mirror Lights consist of 18pcs 3 LEDs modules that provide bright and natural lighting. Say goodbye to shadows and uneven makeup application. With these lights, you’ll have a clear view of your face, ensuring flawless results every time.

2. Dimmable Function

Adjust the brightness of your mirror lights according to your preference. The included dimmer switch allows you to customize the lighting intensity, creating the perfect ambiance for your makeup routine. Whether you prefer a soft glow or a bright illumination, REXTiN has got you covered.

3. Easy Installation

Installing REXTiN Led Vanity Mirror Lights is a breeze. The 9ft long strip can be easily cut to fit any mirror size. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick the lights onto the desired surface. No need for complicated wiring or professional assistance.

4. Versatile Usage

These lights are not limited to just vanity mirrors. You can also use them to enhance the lighting in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other space where you need extra illumination. Let your creativity shine and explore the endless possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I adjust the color temperature of the lights?

A: No, the REXTiN Led Vanity Mirror Lights provide a natural white light that mimics daylight, ensuring accurate makeup application.

Q: How long is the power supply cord?

A: The power supply cord is 6ft long, giving you flexibility in positioning your mirror lights.

Q: Are the lights waterproof?

A: While the lights themselves are not waterproof, they are designed to be used in damp environments such as bathrooms. However, direct exposure to water should be avoided.

Q: Can I connect multiple sets of lights together?

A: Yes, you can connect multiple sets of REXTiN Led Vanity Mirror Lights together using the included connectors. This allows you to cover larger mirror surfaces.


Upgrade your makeup game with REXTiN Led Vanity Mirror Lights. Say goodbye to poorly lit spaces and hello to a well-lit environment where you can achieve flawless makeup looks. With their perfect lighting, dimmable function, easy installation, and versatile usage, these lights are a must-have for any beauty enthusiast. Illuminate your beauty with REXTiN!

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