Premium Pandan Leaf Powder – Natural Green Food Coloring Powder

Premium Pandan Leaf Powder – Natural Green Food Coloring Powder

Premium Pandan Leaf Powder – Natural Green Food Coloring Powder

Introducing the premium pandan leaf powder by NESAR FOOD, the perfect natural green food coloring powder for all your culinary creations. Made from high-quality pandan leaves, this powder is a must-have for any food enthusiast or professional chef.

Why Choose Our Pandan Leaf Powder?

Our pandan leaf powder is carefully sourced and processed to ensure maximum flavor and color. We take pride in providing a product that is 100% natural and free from any artificial additives or preservatives. With our pandan leaf powder, you can enjoy the vibrant green color and unique aroma of pandan in your dishes without compromising on quality.

Perfect for Pandan Latte and Pandan Juice Thai Tea

One of the most popular uses for our pandan leaf powder is in making pandan latte and pandan juice Thai tea. Simply mix a teaspoon of the powder with your favorite milk or tea, and enjoy the rich, aromatic flavor of pandan. The natural green color of the powder adds a visually appealing touch to your beverages, making them even more enticing.

Great for Food Dyeing

Our pandan leaf powder is also an excellent natural food coloring option. Whether you’re baking a cake, making frosting, or creating decorative desserts, this powder can be used to add a beautiful green hue to your creations. Say goodbye to artificial food dyes and embrace the natural goodness of pandan.

No Sugar Added

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why our pandan leaf powder contains no added sugar. You can enjoy the authentic taste of pandan without worrying about unnecessary sweeteners. It’s the perfect choice for those who prefer a more natural and balanced diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the pandan leaf powder?

To use the pandan leaf powder, simply mix it with your desired liquid or food. For beverages like pandan latte or pandan juice Thai tea, add a teaspoon of the powder to your milk or tea and stir well. For food dyeing, mix the powder with a small amount of water or other liquids to create a paste, and then incorporate it into your recipe.

2. Is the pandan leaf powder gluten-free?

Yes, our pandan leaf powder is gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. It’s a versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed by everyone.

3. How long does the pandan leaf powder last?

When stored in a cool, dry place, our pandan leaf powder has a shelf life of approximately one year. Make sure to seal the packaging tightly after each use to maintain its freshness and quality.


Experience the natural goodness of pandan with our premium pandan leaf powder. Whether you’re making pandan latte, pandan juice Thai tea, or adding a touch of green to your culinary creations, our powder is the perfect choice. With no added sugar and a 100% natural formula, you can enjoy the vibrant color and unique flavor of pandan without any guilt. Try our pandan leaf powder today and elevate your dishes to a whole new level.

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