PICTRON Zero F38 Travel Tripod – Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tripod

PICTRON Zero F38 Travel Tripod – Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tripod

PICTRON Zero F38 Travel Tripod


The PICTRON Zero F38 Travel Tripod is a high-quality, lightweight carbon fiber tripod designed for photographers and videographers who are always on the go. With its compact size and impressive load capacity, this tripod is perfect for travel and outdoor shooting.

Lightweight and Compact

The PICTRON Zero F38 camera tripod is made of high-quality, lightweight carbon fiber, making it both robust and stable. Weighing only 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs) and folding down to a length of 42.5 cm (16.7 inches), this tripod is super lightweight and compact. Despite its small size, it can support a load capacity of up to 18 kg, making it suitable for most cameras and DSLRs.

360掳 Panorama Ball Head & F38 Quick Release Plate

With the PICTRON Zero F38 Travel Tripod, you can achieve perfect shots and stunning panoramas every time. The tripod comes with a 360掳 panorama ball head that can be freely rotated, allowing you to capture images from any angle. The maximum load capacity of the ball head is 6 kg, ensuring stability and smooth movement.

Additionally, the tripod is equipped with the FALCAM F38 quick-release plate system. This innovative feature allows for ultra-fast interchange between different devices such as tripods, stabilizers, heads, monopods, sliders, and more. Say goodbye to the hassle of unscrewing and disassembling, saving you time and effort during your shoots.

Inverted Centre Column

The PICTRON Zero F38 Travel Tripod features an inverted centre column, providing convenience for low-angle shooting. The centre column has a removable structure on two levels, allowing it to be disassembled with a spanner. This feature is especially useful when you need to get close to the ground for unique perspectives.

The tripod also comes with a 1/4″ screw, which can be used for extending the magic arm, monitor, or microphone. This versatility allows you to use the tripod in various occasions, expanding its functionality beyond just photography.

Easy Extension

The PICTRON Zero F38 Travel Tripod is designed for quick and easy height adjustment. The tripod tube features quick-release leg locks, allowing you to adjust the height from 15.9″ to 62.6″ in seconds. This flexibility is essential when shooting in different scenes and photographic conditions.

The tripod also offers a 3-position leg angle adjustment system (20掳/55掳/75掳), providing even more flexibility for your shots. Whether you need stability on uneven terrain or want to capture unique angles, this tripod has you covered. The locking method with Flip-Lock is designed for convenience, ensuring a secure setup every time.

What You Get

  • 1 x PICTRON Zero F38 carbon fiber tripod
  • 1 x Tripod bag
  • 1 x 1/4″ replacement centre column
  • 1 x F38 quick release plate system
  • 3 x Foot spikes

The PICTRON Zero F38 Travel Tripod comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase.


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