Incredible Value Bundle 3 Pack Easel Paper Roll

Incredible Value Bundle 3 Pack Easel Paper Roll

Incredible Value Bundle 3 Pack Easel Paper Roll

Are you looking for the perfect paper roll for your kids’ easel? Look no further! Our Incredible Value Bundle 3 Pack Easel Paper Roll is here to fulfill all your crafting and painting needs. With its non-bleed white butcher paper, this bundle is a must-have for creative minds.


Fits Most Standard Kids’ Easels and Dispensers

Our easel paper roll is designed to fit most standard kids’ easels and dispensers. Whether you have a 17-inch or 24-inch-wide easel, this paper roll will be a perfect fit. No need to worry about compatibility!

Perfect for Crafting Activity and Painting

Let your kids unleash their creativity with our easel paper roll. Whether they want to paint a masterpiece or engage in a fun crafting activity, this paper roll provides the perfect canvas for their imagination to run wild.

Non-Bleed White Butcher Paper

Our easel paper roll is made of non-bleed white butcher paper. This means that you can paint or draw without worrying about the colors bleeding through the paper. Your artwork will look vibrant and crisp on this high-quality paper.


1. Can this paper roll be used with any type of paint?

Yes, our easel paper roll can be used with various types of paint, including watercolors, acrylics, and tempera. It provides a smooth surface for easy application and excellent color retention.

2. How long is each paper roll?

Each paper roll in the bundle measures 17 inches x 75 feet. This gives you plenty of paper to keep your little artists busy for hours.

3. Is the paper easy to tear off from the dispenser?

Yes, the paper is perforated for easy tearing. Simply tear off the desired length of paper and let your creativity flow.


With our Incredible Value Bundle 3 Pack Easel Paper Roll, you’ll never run out of paper for your kids’ creative projects. The non-bleed white butcher paper is perfect for crafting activity and painting, ensuring that your little artists’ artwork looks its best. Get this bundle today and let the creativity begin!

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