GXY Electric Kettle Anti-scalding 2.3L Kettle/Green

GXY Electric Kettle Anti-scalding 2.3L Kettle/Green

GXY Electric Kettle Anti-scalding 2.3L Kettle/Green

Introducing the GXY Electric Kettle Anti-scalding 2.3L Kettle/Green, the perfect companion for your kitchen. This innovative kettle is designed to provide you with a safe and convenient way to boil water. With its anti-scalding feature and large capacity, it is a must-have for every household.


1. Anti-scalding Design

The GXY Electric Kettle features a unique anti-scalding design that ensures your safety while handling hot water. The handle is made of heat-resistant material, preventing any burns or accidents. You can confidently pour hot water without worrying about getting scalded.

2. Large Capacity

With a 2.3L capacity, this kettle is perfect for boiling water for your entire family or for hosting guests. You can easily prepare tea, coffee, or any hot beverage in one go. No more waiting for multiple rounds of boiling water.

3. Quick Boiling

The GXY Electric Kettle is equipped with a powerful heating element that ensures quick boiling. You can have hot water ready in just a few minutes, saving you time and energy.

4. Easy to Use

This kettle is designed for convenience. It features a one-touch operation, allowing you to easily start the boiling process with a simple press of a button. The water level indicator lets you know how much water is left in the kettle, so you can refill it as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the kettle cordless?

A: Yes, the GXY Electric Kettle is cordless. It comes with a detachable base, making it easy to pour and serve without any restrictions.

Q: Can I boil other liquids besides water?

A: It is recommended to only boil water in the kettle. Boiling other liquids may cause damage to the kettle and affect its performance.

Q: Is the kettle easy to clean?

A: Yes, the kettle is easy to clean. The wide opening and removable lid allow for easy access, making it simple to clean the interior. The exterior can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


The GXY Electric Kettle Anti-scalding 2.3L Kettle/Green is a game-changer in the world of kitchen appliances. Its anti-scalding design, large capacity, quick boiling, and ease of use make it a must-have for every household. Say goodbye to the fear of scalding and enjoy the convenience of boiling water with this innovative kettle. Get yours today and experience the difference!


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