Falconry Eagle Screaming Hood – The Perfect Hat for Your Falcon

Falconry Eagle Screaming Hood – The Perfect Hat for Your Falcon

Falconry Eagle Screaming Hood – The Perfect Hat for Your Falcon


Welcome to the world of falconry! If you are a falcon enthusiast, you know how important it is to provide the best care and protection for your majestic bird. Introducing the Falconry Eagle Screaming Hood – a tailor-made hat designed specifically for your falcon’s comfort and well-being.

Use and Method of Eagle Hat

When you first receive your new eagle, it is essential to calm and familiarize it with the hat. Gently knock on the hat to help the eagle adjust to wearing it. Initially, the eagle may feel a little uncomfortable, but with time, it will adapt and the discomfort will fade away.

  1. The eagle may bow its head.
  2. The eagle can use its claws to grab the hat.

If any of the above conditions occur, do not worry. The eagle will soon get used to the hat, and these symptoms will disappear. However, if the eagle throws off the hat, it may indicate that the hat is too big. If there are moist marks on the inside of the eye when the hat is removed, it means that the hat is worn out and needs to be replaced promptly to prevent any harm to the eagle.

Putting a hat on the eagle after feeding or when it is weak or ill is not recommended, as it may cause discomfort or lead to the hat being thrown off. However, knocking on the hat can help the eagle rest and conserve energy without damaging its feathers.

Features of the Falconry Eagle Screaming Hood

This eagle hat is tailor-made using imported vegetable tanned leather. The leather is tight, breathable, and of moderate thickness, ensuring a perfect fit on the head of your falcon. The use of hand and imported last shape guarantees a comfortable and secure fit.

The hat is colored with imported alcohol dye, providing a bright and long-lasting color. The craftsmanship is impeccable, with each stitch being handmade to ensure durability and quality.

The shaping process involves natural green plant extracts, free from any chemical substances and residues. This ensures the hat is safe for your falcon and promotes its comfort. The hat also features a nylon drawstring that is durable and not prone to deformation or breakage, unlike traditional leather drawstrings.

The open mountain design of the hat conforms to the biological structure of the falcon’s head and fits perfectly around the beak. This ensures maximum comfort for your falcon and prevents any light leakage.

Ordering Information

This Falconry Eagle Screaming Hood is tailor-made and requires 3 days for production. It will be shipped within 3-5 days after the order is placed. Before purchasing, please make sure to inform us of the type of eagle and its original fasting weight by email. Accurate information is crucial to ensure the hat fits perfectly. If the weight is reported incorrectly, the hat may be too large or too small.

Thank you for choosing the Falconry Eagle Screaming Hood for your falcon. We guarantee the highest quality and comfort for your feathered companion. Order now and provide your falcon with the protection it deserves!


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