FKG Trailer Bearing Kit for 3/4 Inch Straight Spindle

FKG Trailer Bearing Kit for 3/4 Inch Straight Spindle

FKG Trailer Bearing Kit for 3/4 Inch Straight Spindle

Are you in need of a durable and reliable trailer bearing kit for your 3/4 inch straight spindle? Look no further! FKG has the perfect solution for you. Our trailer bearing kit is designed to provide exceptional performance and longevity, ensuring a smooth and safe towing experience.

Key Features

L11949 Bearing (3/4″ inside dimension) x 4

The FKG trailer bearing kit includes four L11949 bearings with a 3/4 inch inside dimension. These high-quality bearings are built to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable performance.

L11910 Race (1.781″ outside dimension) x 4

Accompanying the L11949 bearings are four L11910 races with a 1.781 inch outside dimension. These races ensure proper alignment and smooth rotation of the bearings, enhancing the overall efficiency of your trailer.

Grease Seal – 1.125″ I.D – 1.784″ O.D x 2

Our trailer bearing kit also includes two grease seals with a 1.125 inch inner diameter and a 1.784 inch outer diameter. These seals effectively prevent grease leakage and protect the bearings from dirt, water, and other contaminants.

Cotter Pins x 2

To ensure secure installation, we provide two cotter pins with our trailer bearing kit. These pins lock the castle nut in place, preventing any loosening or detachment during towing.

Dust Cap – 1.78″ Diameter – 1.30″ Depth x 2

Keeping your bearings clean and well-protected is essential for their longevity. That’s why our trailer bearing kit includes two dust caps with a 1.78 inch diameter and a 1.30 inch depth. These caps shield the bearings from dust, debris, and moisture, extending their lifespan.

Service & Warranty

At FKG, we prioritize customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our products. That’s why our trailer bearing kit comes with a 1-year limited warranty. In the unlikely event of any issues, we are committed to resolving them within 24 hours. Whether it’s a refund, replacement, or technical support, we’ve got you covered.

Please note that the warranty is not applicable for this particular product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this trailer bearing kit fit all 3/4 inch straight spindles?

Yes, the FKG trailer bearing kit is designed to fit all 3/4 inch straight spindles. It is compatible with a wide range of trailers, ensuring versatility and ease of installation.

2. How often should I grease the bearings?

We recommend greasing the bearings every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Regular greasing helps maintain optimal performance and extends the lifespan of the bearings.

3. Are the cotter pins reusable?

No, the cotter pins included in the trailer bearing kit are designed for one-time use only. It is important to replace them whenever reinstalling or adjusting the castle nut.


When it comes to trailer bearing kits, the FKG Trailer Bearing Kit for 3/4 Inch Straight Spindle is a top choice. With its high-quality components, including L11949 bearings, L11910 races, grease seals, cotter pins, and dust caps, this kit ensures reliable and smooth towing performance. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty and excellent customer service, FKG is committed to providing you with the best trailer bearing solution. Don’t compromise on safety and durability – choose FKG for all your trailer bearing needs.

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