Colombian Emerald – The Gem of Royalty and Romance

Colombian Emerald – The Gem of Royalty and Romance

Colombian Emerald – The Gem of Royalty and Romance

Colombian Emeralds are the most highly valued gemstone (apart from diamonds) and are the rarest gemstone available. They are considered the gem of royalty and romance. Emeralds are known for their deep green color and natural inclusions that make each one distinct. Emeralds are May’s birthstone. Emeralds are evaluated by their color more than their clarity. The purer and more vivid deep green the color, the higher the value. Emeralds are some of the most heavily included gemstones available.

Why Colombian Emeralds are Highly Valued

Colombian Emeralds stand out due to their exceptional color and unique inclusions. The deep green hue of Colombian Emeralds is highly sought after and symbolizes beauty and elegance. The natural inclusions found in Colombian Emeralds add character and individuality to each stone, making them truly one-of-a-kind. These inclusions are often referred to as the “jardin,” which means garden in French, as they resemble a garden of beautiful patterns within the gemstone.

Color and Clarity Evaluation

When evaluating Colombian Emeralds, color is the most important factor. The ideal color is a pure, vivid deep green, often referred to as “Hara Panna” in the gemstone industry. The presence of any secondary hues, such as blue or yellow, can significantly affect the value of the emerald. Clarity is also considered, but natural inclusions are expected in emeralds and are even considered desirable as long as they do not affect the overall beauty and durability of the stone.

May’s Birthstone

Emeralds hold a special significance for those born in May as they are the birthstone for this month. Wearing an emerald is believed to bring good fortune, love, and happiness to those born in May. It is also said to promote harmony and balance in relationships.

Certification and Quality

When purchasing a Colombian Emerald, it is essential to ensure its authenticity and quality. Look for emeralds that come with a certification from a reputable gemological laboratory, such as the International Gemological Laboratories (IGL). This certification guarantees that the emerald is genuine and provides information about its origin, color, clarity, and any treatments it may have undergone.


Colombian Emeralds are truly a gemstone of exceptional beauty and rarity. Their deep green color, natural inclusions, and association with royalty and romance make them highly valued and sought after. Whether you are looking for a birthstone or a symbol of love and elegance, Colombian Emeralds are a perfect choice.

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