Alice Cooper Logo Patch – Rock Band Metal Fan Jacket Apparel Sew On Applique

Alice Cooper Logo Patch – Rock Band Metal Fan Jacket Apparel Sew On Applique

Alice Cooper Logo Patch


Enhance your rock band merchandise collection with the Alice Cooper Logo Patch. This high-quality sew-on applique is perfect for jackets, apparel, and more. Show off your love for Alice Cooper and metal music by adding this unique patch to your favorite clothing items.

Main Features

  • High-quality sew-on patch
  • Features the iconic Alice Cooper logo
  • Perfect for jackets, apparel, bags, and more
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Durable and long-lasting

How to Use

  1. Choose the item of clothing or accessory you want to attach the patch to.
  2. Position the patch on the desired spot and secure it with pins or tape.
  3. Thread a needle with a matching thread color.
  4. Start sewing from the inside of the clothing, going through the patch and back into the fabric.
  5. Continue sewing around the edges of the patch until it is securely attached.
  6. Finish off the stitching by tying a knot on the inside of the clothing.
  7. Enjoy your personalized rock band apparel!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I iron the patch instead of sewing it on?

No, this patch is designed to be sewn on. Ironing may damage the patch or the fabric it is attached to.

Is the patch machine washable?

Yes, the patch is machine washable. However, we recommend turning the clothing inside out and using a gentle cycle to prolong the patch’s lifespan.

Can I remove the patch once it’s attached?

Yes, the patch can be removed by carefully cutting the stitches or using a seam ripper. However, this may leave small holes or marks on the fabric.

Is the patch suitable for leather jackets?

Yes, the patch can be sewn onto leather jackets. We recommend using a leather needle and strong thread for better results.

Get your Alice Cooper Logo Patch today and rock out with style!

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