Ad-Tech High-Temp Glue Sticks

Ad-Tech High-Temp Glue Sticks

Ad-Tech High-Temp Glue Sticks


Discover the Ad-Tech High-Temp Glue Sticks, perfect for all your arts and crafts projects. These non-toxic and acid-free glue sticks are designed for easy usage and storage.

Main Features

  • Suitable for arts and crafts projects
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • Made in USA
  • Designed for easy usage and storage

Product Description

The Ad-Tech High-Temp Glue Sticks are the perfect solution for all your bonding needs. These glue sticks are designed to work in high-temperature glue guns, ensuring a strong and durable bond. Whether you are working with wood, metal, or glass, these glue sticks will provide a reliable and long-lasting hold.

With a size of 7/16-inch x 4-inch, these glue sticks are versatile and can be used for various projects. Whether you are creating intricate crafts or repairing household items, these glue sticks will get the job done.

One package contains fifty glue sticks, providing you with an ample supply for your projects. The glue sticks conform to ASTM D 4236 standards, ensuring their safety and quality.


  • Strong and durable bond
  • Works with various materials
  • Ample supply with fifty glue sticks
  • Safe and high-quality


In conclusion, the Ad-Tech High-Temp Glue Sticks are a must-have for any arts and crafts enthusiast. Their high-temperature compatibility, versatility, and strong bond make them the perfect choice for all your projects. With their non-toxic and acid-free formula, you can create with peace of mind. Get your pack of Ad-Tech High-Temp Glue Sticks today and experience the difference!

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